Our Mission
Why we're here

It is the primary Mission of to be a tool for those who are looking for a place to worship in the Massillon, Ohio area. By detailing basic information about area churches, we hope to provide a worthwhile service to visitors to Massillon, those who have recently moved here, and those who are looking for a new Church Home.

Our secondary Mission is to make available to Subscribing Churches the resources to publish information about their activities and services on the Internet. By providing this "Web presence", we hope to give them a new outlet to help them remain close and vital to their Members and friends.

We would always appreciate your comments on how well we are fulfilling this Mission.

All Churches listed on this Website are Participating Churches. They have provided us with the information that we need to create an informative page of basic information about themselves. All Participating Churches are provided with a single Internet Page free of charge.

Participating Churches must meet these requirements:

If you know of a Church that meets these requirements, and is not listed on our Site, please let us know. We do not want to leave any Church out.