21st Century

So here we are today ... 2,000 years after it began, and the History of the Church is still being written — this time by us. As the Church strives to do God's Will on earth, its mission along with the resultant triumphs and tragedies and joys and sufferings and disappointments and blessings — all of them together will make up our part in this continuing saga. We can only pray that we be worthy of the task and that our work will further God's Kingdom, bring blessings to the Church, peace to the world ... and make Him smile.


Pope Benedict XVI resigns and is succeeded by Pope Francis.  This came as a real shock to the Catholic Church, where Popes normally serve until death. In fact, the last time a Pope resigned of his own volition was 1294! Benedict said his resignation was due to age-related failing health; at the time he was the 4th oldest person to hold the office of pope. His successor was an archbishop from Argentina who took the name of Francis.    [Read more ...]