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The MASSILLON WOMEN'S FELLOWSHIP will hold their monthly luncheon at 11:30AM on Friday, October 20th at First Baptist Church. The program this month will be a presentation by Hear Tech Mobile — a local company that sells, repairs and services hearing aid devices. Cost is $5.00. Contact the Church for more information.
The St. Mary Catholic Church CCD and Youth Ministry will host an OCTOBERFEST on Saturday, October 21st from 5:00PM to 7:00PM in the school gymnasium. There will be a full menu of delicious foods and beverages, live music and even a children's game room. More information: Sr. Jean Marie [330‑575‑7159].

The True Church House of Prayer
The True Church House of Prayer
1841 Tremont Avenue, S. E.
Massillon, OH 44646


Bishop Ike Woods, Jr., Pastor

Bishop Massillon One of the most powerful preachers at the end of the 18th Century was our city's namesake — Jean-Baptiste Massillon. Born in a small town in France, this Roman Catholic Bishop became a familiar face in the courts of France's Louis XIV and XV, preaching powerful, down-to-earth sermons without thought of who he might please or who he might offend. His unwavering zeal and lifelong passion for the poor earned him admiration from both royalty and common folks alike. Learn more about this great man and read some of his actual sermons.

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